Bring your writing project to fruition in this quiet, remote lighthouse keeper’s cottage

Within each of us is that novel, memoir, short story collection, self-help or business book, fully formed inside our heads, itching to come out. We have the ideas but lack the impetus to sit down and put words on the page.

Every promise we’ve made to ourselves to set aside time for our writing — all that goes out the window because there’s always a fire to put out, always another unexpected twist in our busy day-to-day lives

But what if:

  1. You say, Enough. I deserve to put my writing first for one week.
  2. You book a retreat that allows you uninterrupted time to write — no cooking, no cleaning, just hours alone in a quiet space.
  3. A thoughtful editor/writer is on hand to go over your day’s work and guide you on what works and what could be improved.
  4. You leave with the first draft completed — finally, words on a page.
  5. You accomplish a lifelong goal and scratch write a book from your bucket list.

What would that feel like? This is your chance to find out.

This is the idea behind Write At The Light, a weeklong retreat designed for writers who are serious, focused, and whose goal is to produce 6,000-10,000 words each day. Limited to two writers per retreat, this is not about social time, fancy accommodations, learning or workshopping, sharing or building community — it’s about getting the work done. With retreats priced between $660 and $1199 depending on selected options, you can’t afford to keep deferring your dream.