Who doesn’t love a lighthouse? One of my favorite books from childhood was from the Anne of Green Gables series. In Anne’s House of Dreams our heroine, a newlywed, moves into the couple’s first home and befriends a lighthouse keeper. So in designing this retreat, I’m fulfilling my childhood wish — and maybe yours as well.

Why trust me to shepherd you through the week? I’m a freelance writer, editor, reader, reviewer, and writing instructor. I read for literary journals, write nonfiction book reviews for Publisher’s Weekly, have contributed articles on the craft of writing to The Writer magazine (April and May 2018), and have taught writing workshops throughout the Northeast including the Chautauqua Institution’s annual Literary Festival and HippoCamp, the annual creative nonfiction conference of Hippocampus Magazine. I work regularly with individuals who are in various stages of writing and revising their manuscripts, and have helped authors polish and publish their books.

I don’t teach online with any regularity because I like the one-on-one contact with a writer — and it’s not because I’m shy on video; two years ago I retired from a 20-year career in radio and television broadcast as a producer/host for local NPR and PBS stations. So during our week together if I start interviewing you, forgive me — it’s an occupational hazard, and the better I get to know you, the better I’ll understand your work.

Write At The Light evolved from a Facebook post in which I announced my crazy desire to host a writing retreat for two people at a lighthouse within a 3 hour drive of my home, on a bluff overlooking Lake Ontario. The response was so immediate, enthusiastic, and joyous that I stopped thinking of this as a goofy whim and decided to take it seriously. My plan is to host 3-5 of these per year. I hope we’ll meet at one of them.

Linda Lowen

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Photo by Joshua Hibbert on Unsplash